Product Review: iPad mini, iPad Air 2

Oct 03, 2014
Apple revealed the latest line of iPads at their event today. The event focused on the unveiling of the latest iPad Air, but also highlighted updates to the iPad mini (along with updates to the iMac and the introduction of the highly anticipated Apple Pay system). Here's everything we know about the iPad mini and iPad Air 2 from today's event.

iPad Air 2 and iPad MiniX

The iPad Air 2 is the thinnest iPad to date at 6.1 mm, which is 18% thinner than the original iPad Air. The new chip is 40% percent faster as well, and graphics should be 2.5 times faster. The device starts at $499 for the 16GB, $599 for 64GB, and $699 for 128GB. The iPad mini 3 has also arrived for consumers. This device will now have the Touch ID sensor, meaning you can use it for Apple's new payment platform. You can also FaceTime in HD and have more space to store videos and pictures. You can order this new iPad mini for $399 for the 16GB, $499 for 64 GB of storage, and $599 for 128 GB of storage. Pre-orders for both iPads start Friday, October 17, 2014.

Apple Pay and OSX

We also learned that the new mobile payment platform will launch Monday, October 20th will allow for payment through iOS devices using the fingerprint payment system. The hype around Apple Pay is huge, with Tim Cook saying more than 500 banks have been enabled to work with the NFC- enabled payment system. We also discovered that the latest version of OS X is officially coming to the App Store today as a free update. The OS X is intended to be simple, colorful, and extremely translucent. One new feature is that it will allow Mac's to work with iOS devices.

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Apps of the week: Five apps that you should have but don't

Oct 17, 2014
There are many lists with all of the "best apps" for your iOS device, and most of them include the standard favorites like Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. However, this week we bring you five hidden gems that don't always make the list, but are guaranteed to add fantastic utility and interest to your iOS device.

Budget: Pennies

The beauty of this app is that it recognizes how stressful and time consuming tracking your expenses can be. This app works because it's not too flashy or too boring. The setup is super simple and includes many cool features like making daily, monthly, or weekly budgets and how much you have left to spend in any given budget.

Travel: MiFlight

This app allows airline passengers to crowdsource wait times at different airports for specific flights, which helps alleviate the stress of arriving too late or too soon. As the App's users update information, you can plan ahead. This app is great for travel prep and reducing anxiety about missing your flight.

News: Push

Many people consume news daily from a number of social media sources and apps. Push allows you to create a comprehensive list of notifications from various news outlets and receive pings from online sources. With Push, you can receive alerts trending events or topics. This app helps your iOS to become a personalized news wire.

Productivity: iFixit

This app is a great do-it-yourself resource for anyone. iFixit includes repair guides and teardown guides for a number of devices: from cars, to smartphones, to toasters. This app guides you through diagnosing the problem to making repairs (or replacement). You can browse by category or model, and even create and upload your own repair guides to the app. iFixit also has its own online store in case you need to purchase parts for repairs. iFixit is truly, "the free repair guide for everything, written by everyone."

Weather: Dark Sky

This app has impressed many with its extremely accurate local weather forecasting. The app includes amazing features such as "down to the minute" rain and snow predictions and radar mapping. Dark Sky even includes 24-hour and next week forecasting with new backgrounds, making the maps easy to read.
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How to: Apple's new Health app

Oct 03, 2014
The new health app on Apple's iOS 8 is an exciting new app that is designed as a way to put data from all other health related apps into once place. This platform goes far beyond simply counting calories and measuring activity. This week we review how you can manage this app to cover all aspects of wellness in your life through this health platform.

Track steps and flights climbed

Using the motion processor on the 5S, 6, or 6 Plus, the Health app can keep track without help from an external app or device. To track the steps, go to the Health Data tab, then Fitness, and then go to Flights Climbed and Steps, then enable "Show" on Dashboard. The stats will not appear on your dashboard.

Tracking other apps in Health

1. In the health app you can show data from other health and fitness apps in your Health Dashboard. To do this, go to Sources, then the app, and enable "write and read permissions," then take note of the permission like, "Active Calories," or workouts.
2. After this step, go to the Health Data tab and find the permission type (the one that says "Active Calories") and enable show on Dashboard.
3. Anything you track in these apps will now appear on your Dashboard. However, you need to make sure these apps are compatible with Health. To do this, go to the App Store and go to the Health and Fitness category and look for the section called "Apps for Health."

Setup Medical ID

Another important piece of the Health Platform is the Medical ID feature. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, Medical ID can be used to determine your identity and access your medical history. Medical personnel can open it from your lock screen by hitting "Emergency," then Medical ID. To set this up, go to the tab in the Health app, then hit "Edit." Be sure "Show when locked" is enabled so the medical team can look at your info.
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Apps of the week: Free and useful Keyboard for iOS 8

Oct 03, 2014
So we have already reviewed Swiftkey for iOS 8, but this collection of free apps has some other alternatives that are unconventional but still manage to be useful. This week, we review some alternative keyboard to Swift Key and Swype for iOS 8 users.

Gif Keyboard

You could already send animated gifs before there were custom keyboards, but there was a lot of work involved. With this free keyboard, your regular typing keys are replaced by animated GIFs that are separated by category. There are categories for almost every emotion or idea you want to convey. Not everyone wants to only send GIFs as responses, but it's neat to have them around in case you need them.


With this app you can limit how much you type by coming up with common phrases that you can use depending on the circumstances. This app makes it so you can type as little as possible. Phraseboard comes with a small selection og phrases, but if you go into the app you can add or remove phrases as you please.


iOS has had the option to ad emoji icons for long time, but this keyboard has a different idea. Instead of searching for the right icon to express the mood, you can just start typing and Keymoji will offer up icons to match. For example, if you are asking someone if they want you to pick up milk on the way home, a milk emoji will pop up for easy access.

Kaomoji Keyboard

Ok so this keyboard isn't free, but it is only 0.99 cents and you can add some pretty cool art to your conversations. With the Kaomoji Keyboard you just need to swipe left or right to switch between emotions, characters, actions, and other categories to get giant lists of ASCII art. This app isn't for everyone, but you can get creative and see the ways people use symbols to create faces and emotions.
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Product Review: Best GoPro accessories

Oct 03, 2014
Amazon: Go Pro Accessories
The GoPro has been called the world's most versatile camera, and it's no wonder why. With the super compact design and point-and-shoot operation, anyone can set this up and aim. This week, we review some of them best accessories that help you go beyond the helmet mount to maximize your GoPro camera experience.

1. GoPro Jaws flex camp

The flex clamp allows for quick and secure repositioning of the camera when needed. It's a simple tension clamp and can grab onto irregular shaped objects securely. There's a GoPro quick-release base on top of the clamp, so you can attach the camera right on top. The GoPro Jaws flex clamp work really well and costs about $50.

2. Joby Action Clamp and Locking Arm

This action clamp takes a little effort since you have to turn the knob to tighten. However, this clamp can go on anything as thin as a stop sign and up to 2 inches thick. The Locking and GorillaPod arms are attached to the clamp by a 1/5-20 screw. The clamp has a mount on each end, so if you want to move the camera to the other side, simply unscrew the arm and screw it on the opposite end.

3. Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod

This Action tri-pod comes with a GoPro mount quick release clip as well as a standard 1/4 -20 quick release clip. The bottom of the GoPro mount clip I threaded for use on a tripod. This mount is only $30 and highly functional for GoPro shooting.

4. Panavise 809 suction cup mount

If you want a suction cup mount to use on your car, then you want the Panavise 809. The mechanism locks onto a surface and can be done with one hand. Simply push down on the big button on top and pull up the handle. As long as the surface is smooth and non-porous it will stay in place even at fast speeds. This is the best quality suction-cup mount you can get and is priced at only $30.

5. Steadicam Smoothee and Curve

If you are looking to make your handheld GoPro video look more professional or eliminate shaking, then you should consider buying the Steadicam Smoothee or the Curve. The Curve can fit in any backpack, but the Smoothee is good for functionality. Both require you that have the LCD back for the GoPro for the camera to balance properly. The Smoothee is $150 and the Curve is slightly cheaper at $100.
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Tips: Better Privacy for iOS 8

Oct 03, 2014
Before you sync your iCloud or re-download your apps, you need to lock down your iPhone or iPad. iOS 8 has a number of new features tied to your location and also allows users to limit how long data is stored for. This week, we review some important tweaks you can do to your iOS device to improve your privacy.

1. Limit apps from tracking your location

Some apps will ask to use your location in the background, even if you're not using it. If you see this message, it means an app wants to keep using your location. For privacy, select Don't Allow when it displays. You may have to do this for each individual app and you can always change this setting in your device's settings.

2. Prevent apps from accessing & uploading data

Some apps will have access to your personal data such as your contacts or your email. In many cases, apps upload your contact list to their servers, such as Twitter alerting you when a friend has joined. This can invade your privacy if that data is stolen. Go to settings, privacy and select each app and swipe to which apps you want give access to.

3. Enable Find my iPhone

The find my phone feature is something we have covered in past articles, but seeing how it is a crucial part of maintaining iPhone security we will review again. The Find Your Phone app will display on another iOS device on a map where you phone is and you can either go to that location it or turn it off. To enable this go to settings, iCloud, and Find my Phone (or iPad) and make sure it's' turned on.

4. Allow iMessages to expire

iOS 8 messages and voice mails are sent through Apple's data –based iMessage network. These messages are stored on your Phone indefinitely. You can reduce the time in which iMessage data is stored on your device by going to Settings, messages, keep messages and select the time you wish to retain your messages.

5. Prevent sharing your location to others

Some iOS system services track your location for advertising, location-based alerts, and for enhancing cell coverage. This will not only drain your battery, but it will also open you up to potential location- tracking. You can change this by going to settings, privacy, then location services, and system services and select what you want to disable.

6. Enable fingerprint security

Having your fingerprint be your security system is an almost perfect way to secure your iPhone. To do this, simply go to settings, then Touch ID & Passcode. Follow the steps and enroll your finger or thumbprint. Make sure the Phone Unlock setting is enabled. For maximum security, set just one finger.

7. Limit was is displayed on the lock screen

You can change which personal items display on the lock screen, including preventing unauthorized users of your iPhone or iPad from replying to your messages. You can do this by going to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode and then limit what is available on the lock screen. For the best privacy settings, all items should be disabled.

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What to expect from the iPad Air 2 - Oct 16th Revealed Confirmed!

Oct 03, 2014
Apple has yet to reveal any details about when an announcement for the next generation of iPad's will happen, but lately there have been rumors of an October date. Embedded codes in iOS 8.1 supposedly suggest that there will be a number of features that will come on Apple's tablet product.

So far, nothing is certain about the upcoming iPad. Rumors also suggest that the new iPad will have both Touch ID fingerprint sensors and Apple Pay, just like the iPhone 6. Touch ID and payment code make is so iOS users don't have to type in card numbers and shipping information. This function was introduced on the iPhone5S, but was not fitted for the iPad Air or iPad mini. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have Touch ID sensor, which integrates with Apple Pay. This function is rumored to be activated in October with the new software update.

Apple is also expected to introduce a larder iPad that measures 12.9 in diagonally, meaning it would have 76% more screen area. There have also been multiple sources that say that Apple will introduce a "multi-window" split screen function for the larger iPad. The next generation Apple iPad Air is supposed to have a similar design to the 2013 iPad Air, with thin bezels around the screen. There are also rumors of larger storage space, meaning more room for apps and games.
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News Of The Week: Everyone on the Apple iOS 8.0.1 update

Sept 25, 2014
There have been talks of Apple working on Apple iOS 8.0.1 long before the public release of iOS 8. Now, there have been claims that the updated has been seeded to Apple's carrier partners ahead of its release to the public. This week, we delve into the rumors surrounding when the iOS 8.0.1 update will include for iOS users. The new update for iOS 8.0.1 update is available for users as of September 24th .

The changes for the iOS 8.0.1 are aimed to help some of the bugs that have already surfaced. The keyboard is supposed to be vastly improved and will allow keypad to enter iCloud Keychain verification codes. The new update is supposed to address bugs will call forwarding as well as fix the freezing issue when accessing visual voicemails.

There is also supposed to be better quality with issues on Safari. Videos are supposed to play every time instead of occasionally freezing. The new update is supposed to fix AirDrop support for Passbook passes as well as addresses an issue with installing VPN profiles. Rumors have also surfaced that iOS 8.0.1 is supposed to fix the bugs with HealthKit that came with iOS8. Some users have reported issues with this new update, so as usual, its best to wait to hear what most people are saying before installing on your iOS device.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Apps of the week: Apps that use Handoff for continuity

Sept 25, 2014
With the introduction of iOS 8, the Handoff is a pretty interesting feature that lets you start something on one device and resume it later on an alternate device. This feature allows users to do new functions like answering a phone call or sending an SMS message via their iPhone without having to put down their iPad. Not sure which apps work with Handoff continuity? Below we review some apps that support this feature.

1. Quip Documents + Messaging

Quip is a way to share documents and various to-do lists between friends and family. This app allows you to combine documents and messages unto a single-chat from any device, making collaboration easy. You can seamlessly transition between your iPhone and iPad.

2. NY Times- Breaking National & World News

Reading something ground-breaking on your Mac but have to run to work? Using this app you can start reading an article on one device and finish reading on your iPhone or iPad on your way to work.

3. Prizmo - Scanning, OCR, and Speech

Prizmo is a universal photo scanner that allows you to scan and recognize texts, allowing you to export documents into a new format later. You can scan an image on your iPhone and make image edits on your iPad or Mac. You can use this app to scan texts instead of re-typing something from a document. You can also scan business cards to grab all appropriate information and store in your phone.

4. Learn Languages with Babbel

This app helps you learn a new language while also making it fun. You can start on your Mac in the house and then resume where you left off on the go so you don't have to be tied to one device to expand your language skills.

5. Kitchen Stories Cookbook- Video and Photo Recipes

This cookbook app contains instructional videos and step by step photo instructions. Now you can start looking up a recipe on your phone in the living room and use your iPad as a way to read the instruction in your kitchen.
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Product Review: New and Unique iPhone 6 cases

Sept 25, 2014
Amazon: iPhone 6 Cases
This article is a follow up to our previous article about iPhone 6 cases. Cases serve an important function in iPhone care; from protecting your phone to charging your battery cases will benefit the longevity of your iPhone. This week, we are going to review the newest and the most unique iPhone 6 and 6 plus case that iOS users are sure to love.

1. FYY Ultra Slim Smart cover

This iPhone 6 cover is only $7 dollars. If you don't want to spend much on an iPhone 6 case, then this may be a perfect option for you. This case is made with premium PU leather exterior and comes with an adjustable stand with multi-viewing angles. This is great for video chatting or watching movies.

2. Jetech Bumper Cover

The Jetech Bumper cover is a simple case with a transparent back cover. This iPhone 6 cover is available for both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models. It only costs $5, or $6 for the 5.5-inch version.

3. Obliq Xtreme Pro

Obliq makes a series tough cases that are affordable for any iOS user. This case is dual layered for maximum drop and scratch protection. There is also a cut-out you can insert for a kickstand feature. The Obliq Xtreme Pro is available in a range of colors and is currently on amazon for less than $25.

4. Versus Card Slot case

There will be a number of card-slot cases available for the iPhone 6 to store your credit cards and a few bills as well. The Versus Card Slot case is available in a variety of color options and only costs about $20.

5. Pong Sleek Case

Pong makes are made to supposedly help absorb the radiation emitted from your phone, as well as improve signal strength. It is also meant to increase talk-time battery life by 1.3 hours. Two version will be available: the Sleek ($50) and Rugged ($60). Neither of them is available for purchase yet, but both are coming soon and will be available worldwide.

6. BuQu Tech Power Armor

This iPhone 6 cover case won't be made available until November. BuQu Tech's PowerArmour is a 2,500mAh, so this battery case that basically doubles the battery life of the iPhone 6. This one is a little pricier than most cases at $80 a pop, but it will be worth it to add an additional 8 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

10 Tips for every iOS 8 user

Sept 25, 2014
With both ofThe new iOS 8 has multiple feature that can save you time and improve productivity. It can be tough to discover all of these features on your own, so this week we review the top 10 features we think will benefit you on the new iOS 8 update.

1. Get Notified W/ Important Emails

You can tone down the numbers of email alerts you receive by using new Notify Me features in iOS 8. With this, you can set already for any email thread, such as your boss or your spouse. To enable thread notification swipe left from the message list, click more, then click notify me.

2. Use the camera's built-in tools

Apple knows how much iOS users love to take pictures, so it included some really useful camera tools in iOS 8. You can now control exposure without affecting the focus, and even shoot time lapses. You can also take selfies on a timer and make slow-motion videos.

3. Add widgets to the notification center

Widgets give you at-a-glance information about any app without having to open it. This is a huge time-saver for those won't are on the go and don't have to time to open each app. For example, instead of opening the weather app to check how cold it is, you can view the status by swiping down and from the top of the screen to open the notification center.

4. Bigger texts

Squinting to try and read the tiny text on your phone can be tiresome on the eyes. You can now adjust the system-wide text size on the iOS 8 since it's no longer buried in the Accessibility settings. To do this go to general settings, click display & brightness, then text size, and slide to the size of text that you would like.

5. Handoff

With Handoff, you can easily switch from iOS device to your Mac, so you can continue whatever you were doing without being interrupted or having to start over. It works with messages, Safari, contacts, maps, Keynote, pages, number, and Calendar. We review in this week's newsletter which apps work this feature as well. To enable, just go to setting, general, Handoff & suggested Apps and turn on.

6. Hand-free Siri commands

Want to talk to Siri without holding the home button? Enable the setting and say "Hey Siri" and she will start listening; however, your phone has to be plugged in. you can do cool things like have Siri type out what you are saying. Siri will also be able to display your dictation as your speak. To enable just go to general settings, and then click Siri, then swipe allow "Hey Siri".

7. Get the desktop version of a site

Oftentimes, the mobile versions of websites leave out important links and features that are included on the desktop version. Anytime you want to see the full desktop version of a site, tap the address bar, and then drag your finger down to display the option.

8. Create your Medical ID

This is a smart choice to make if you should ever be in a medical emergency. EMS workers can access your Medical ID without needing to unlock your phone. To set up your Medical ID, launch the Health app, and tap the last tab. Instructions will proceed where you can fill out your blood type, weight, height, etc.

9. Share your location with friends

The messages app is filled with fun and useful features, including being able to share you location either on an on-going basis or just once. Just hit details and choose from location sharing options. You can also view location of those who've opted to share with you.

10. Touch ID

Touch ID can be used for a variety of third-party apps. For example, will now let you use Touch ID in order to authenticate your password. This is great for security purposes while simultaneously saving you time. You can expect more developers to incorporate this feature as they update apps.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

How Much Is Each iPhone @ Each Carrier

Sept 17, 2014
With both of Apple's phones being released this month, it is important for users to know how much pricing per model they will be expected to pay. People will be allowed to pre-order on September 19th so they should stay informed on all of the options. This week, we review the pricing of the models by the four major carriers in the U.S.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon is selling the iPhone 6 starting at $199 and the Plus for $299 on a two year contract. You also have the option of paying your iPhone over a period of 20 months if you don't want to pay all at once. With this option, the iPhone6 would cost $32.49 per month and the Plus would cost $37.49 per month. Apparently there is no down payment for qualified customers on the starting price.


AT&T has a few options for users who want to buy an iPhone 6. You can either buy the phone on a two year contract, or pay it off over the course of 20 to 24 months. With its Next 12 or Next 18 Plan. You can upgrade your phone after 12 or 18 months, at no extra cost, depending on the plan you choose.


T-Mobile is selling the new iPhone with its Simple Choice Plan, which allows you to pay off your phone in monthly installments over 24 months. The iPhone 6 will cost $27.08 per month for two years. While the iPhone 6 Plus will sell for $31.24 per month. There is no down payment required if you're buying the base model iPhone 6 or 6 plus (16GB). However, if you want the 64GB model, you'll need to pau $99 up front, and $199.99 for the 128GB model.


When it comes to selling iPhones, Sprint will allow you to lease Apple's smartphones the same way you would a car. Spring recently unveiled its new "iPhone for Life" plan where you can lease the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus for $20 per month with no down payment required. After two years. You ca trade that iPhone for Apple's newest model. If you want a more traditional plan, you can buy the phone for $199 on a two year contract, or pay $58 up front and $30 er month to pay your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus off.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Rumors: Apple unveiling next Major Product Next Month

Sept 17, 2014
Apple just introduced its new iPhone and its first smartwatch, but rumor has it is that there may be even more products that they will unveil. Apple is reportedly preparing a second announcement event that will launch iPad models. What are the next big Apple products? We know there are analysts out there who strongly believe that the Apple TV is the next big thing!

The company is supposedly planning an event for the second half of October which will introduce more gadgets. Rumors also have reported that we'll be seeing a new sixth generation iPad, a newer, iPad mini, and the launch of Apple's new software OS X Yosemite on October 21nd. If this rumor is true, the schedule would align with Apple's pattern for the last several years, with last year Apple unveiling the new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display.

Rumor has it that this year the updated iPad will include a faster A8 processor, anti-reflective display, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, although some reports state that these upgrades will be limited to larger iPad Air models. One recent rumor has also claimed that Apple may release a new ultra-high definition 27-inch monitor with 5120 x 2880 resolution in 2014, but details on are limited. Only time will tell if these rumors prove to be true. Until then, we have the iPhone 6 , 6 Plus, and Apple watch to entertain us.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Apps of the Week: 5 apps that will help you get the most out of iOS 8

Sept 17, 2014
If you've just downloaded the new iOS 8 to your iPhone or iPad, then you are probably still getting used to the features that Apple has added. To help you with this adjustment process, we've picked some apps that have been designed specifically to take advantage of iOS 8's best additions, including support for widgets, third-party keyboards and Touch ID support. Hopefully these apps will be useful to you and help you explore iOS 8 to its fullest potential.


Although we've already review 1Password in previous articles about iCloud security, we think it's important to mention this one again. This app is great for managing passwords on your smartphone. 1Password is an app that keeps your accounts secure by generating long, complex passwords for every account you use and letting you access them by a single password of your choice. With the iOS 8, the app has added support for Apple's Touch ID finger scanner so you can unlock the app using just your fingerprint. There are also a number of features that are currently available to developers who want to take advantage of 1Password such as: Fill Logins, Credit Cards, Identities into Safari, 3rd (including web browsers). 1Password will also generate strong, unique passwords and create new Logins during a signup process and update a Login's password if you change it in an app. This app is great for security and imperative if you have many passwords to remember.

Swift Key

Although there are numerous 3rd of the best. With this app you can quickly zip through words by sliding your finger over different letters instead of pressing each letter one at a time. The more you use this app the more it adapts to your swiping style and comes up with autocomplete suggestions based on words and phrases that you use more often than words. SwiftKey uses SwiftKey Cloud to store the ‘Learned Language' online so you can use it across multiple devices. This app also learns from how you use language on social networks and other services. You can link Gmail, Twitter and Facebook and others, the info from which SwiftKey uses to build a language profile. This app supports many languages including French, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Spanish. party keyboard apps available for iOS 8, Swiftkey is supposed to be one


Clear is an amazing productivity app that has a Today screen widget in iOS 8's notification center. These widgets allow for interactive notifications, so you'll be able to view and manage your tasks from the notification center without having to open up the app. Clear is very simplistic in the best way. It creates different lists for all of the most important tasks that you have to do and can be used to send reminders when a time-sensitive task needs to be done soon. You can also organize your tasks into different lists that can keep work tasks separate from personal tasks.


With iOS 8's new fitness feature, we decided Routie would be a good addition. Routie is a GPS enabled sports tracker that will help you keep track of and share details about your workouts. Routie also has a Today extension that will let you interact with the app in your notification center without having to open it up. You can use the interactive widget and it will let you view the current distance and duration of your workout, as well as stop and start tracking. The app costs $4.99, but it's worthwhile for those who are into fitness.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Product Review: The difference between iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Sept 17, 2014
Besides the difference in size, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have difference in their specs and certain features. The iPhone 6 comes out to 4.7 inches versus the iPhone 6 plus which is 5.5 inches and weighs 1.5 ounces more than its smaller counterpart. The 6 plus is more than just pricier and larger than the iPhone 6, this week we review a few key specs in differences.


Aside from the screen being larger, the iPhone 6 plus has a higher resolution (1,920x 1,080 vs. 1.334 X. 750). There is a higher pixel density on the iPhone 6 plus (about 401 pixels per inch vs. 326 pixels per inch on the iPhone 6). Both phones have a bigger and crisp display with improved LTE and Wi-Fi speeds. Both phones are incredibly similar, but the 6 plus has a few extra features. You will not be missing out on a lot with the iPhone 6 except that it is not as top of the line as the 6 plus. If this is your preference however, than go with the iPhone 6 plus and you won't be disappointed.


Both devices come with 8-megapixel lens on the camera. However, only the iPhone 6 Plus has optical image stabilization. This will help with any unsteady photographers who have hard time keeping a fixed image while shooting or recording a video. The Plus does shoot slower than the iPhone 6, but delivers sharper image quality. Longer exposure means lower ISO and less image noise, plus better color. The front facing camera on the 6 and 6 Plus have improved front-facing camera. This means better selfies in the dark or dim-lit areas.

Battery Life

The iPhone 6 plus has a higher battery capacity, which means you can use your phone to watch movies, surf the web, text, and make phone calls for a few hours longer than the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 will have up to 14 hours on 3G talk and the iPhone6 will have 24 hours. On standby, the iPhone 6 will last 10 days whereas the iPhone 6 plus will last 16 days. Initial tests of A8 processor did not blow testers away, however it is still noticeably better than the iPhone 5S. Bottom line, a bigger battery is nice step up over the iPhone 5 S for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Size and Features

One of the best things about the iPhone 6 plus is that it will be able to have landscape modes on some apps if you hold the phone horizontally, like the iPad. The iPhone 6 will not have this feature. One thing to note is that not everyone will love the iPhone 6 plus size. The size of your hands and your tolerance for reaching the corners of the device will be a bug determining factor if you prefer the iPhone 6 plus over the iPhone 6. If you do prefer the larger size, it may take some getting used to
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

iPhone 6

Sept 09, 2014
Today was Apple's much anticipated event that announced many updates on the iPhone 6, iWatch, iOS 8 and so much more! We will be giving you updates on everything that happened during today's event so you can know as much as we do about everything Apple!

iPhone 6

Tim Cook starts the event by saying "These iPhones have been recognized time and time again as the best in the world." As Apple announced "Today we're launching the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone" and boy, was that an accurate statement. We learned so much about the iPhone 6 and what that means for consumers. There are two versions of the new iPhone 6: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. First of all, the iPhone 6 starts at $199 for a 32GB model. A 64GB model is $299 and a 128GB model is $399. The new cases for both phones come in both silicone and leather, in 6 and 5 colors respectively. The 5S and 5C (so the original iPhone 5, basically) will still be on sale. And they ship Sept 19 in 9 countries, as expected with pre orders start Friday.

New Features

Both phones are WAY bigger than the iPhone 5: 4.7 for iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches for iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 is also significantly thinner than the iPhone 5: 6.9mm on the iPhone 6, 7.1mm on the iPhone 6 Plus. There is a new M8 chip which knows how high you are (air pressure). Basically, there's a new barometer sensor which measure air pressure, meaning it can actually measure how many stairs you climb by microscopic changes in pressure. Apple also made a point of showing off the new gestures that make it easy to use giant phones with one hand. You can double tap the TouchID button and the display slides down so you can use it one-handed.

Battery Life

The iPhone 6 will get 50 hours of audio playback; the plus gets 80. Phone talk time is more in the 13 hour range. There will also be faster Wi-Fi in both products, 802.11c. This means you'll be able to use Wi-Fi for calling. Very impressive!


Panoramas will go up to 43 megapixels. And that's one reason why Apple might not want to go beyond 8MP for the camera itself -- the file sizes get HUGE. However, optical image stabilization over digital- only on the 6 Plus. The video camera can do up to 60 FPS (1080p). Slow-Motion can do 240 frames per second. There will also be burst mode on FaceTime camera.

// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Apple Watch

Sept 09, 2014

Previously thought to be named the iWatch, Apple has come out with a new wearable smart watch called the Apple Watch. There is a lot going on with the Apple Watch screen. There are a ton of icons, as well as tiny thumbnails of all your photos. At least you can easily zoom and scroll. The maps app, which vibrates on the left or right side when you have to turn, does show how the watch can be used without looking at it. Unfortunately, this watch won't be available until next year. Until then here is a brief overview of some of the cool features it will include.

Features and Partnerships

There is a wealth of interesting features, such as non-verbal communication via the iWatch. For example to s suggest going out for sushi, draw a picture of a fish in a text. To respond strongly, send your actual heartbeat. Pretty neat huh? Another feature worth mentioning is Apple Watch partnership with American Airlines and Starwood hotels. You can actually get on the plane and unlock your hotel room with your watch. BMW will show you where your car is.

Health and Fitness

The Apple Watch also wants to focus on health and wants the Apple Watch to motivate people to be "a bit more active." Health is divided into the Fitness app and the workout app -- the former to track you through the day, the latter for targeted bursts. There are so many more features that we will cover in a separate article on specifically the Apple Watch.

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iOS 8

Sept 09, 2014

You can download iOS 8 on Sept 17, two days before the new phones go on sale. Some features include the new one-handed messages, new notifications, as well as TouchID with third-party applications. But perhaps the best new feature with the iOS 8 is Apple's new payment system, Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Basically, Apple Pay is NFC plus TouchID plus Passbook app. For this feature, you can use the card that's already on file with your iTunes account. Or add a new card via the camera. In terms of security, Eddy Cue states that "Apple doesn't know what you bought, where you bought it or how much you pay for it. The transaction is between you and the bank ... the cashier doesn't get to see." This is starting in the US with the six biggest banks, debit and credit cards. 220,000 locations -- everywhere that does that touchless card payment essentially. Some of these include Whole Foods, McDonalds, Subway, and much more. You can also do online payments with Apple Pay -- Uber and Target, Panera and MLB are signed up. You can also use Apple Pay via OpenTable app to pay for your restaurant check. Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not available in other countries with any future dates set yet.

// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Product Review: Best Tech Gear Under $25.00

Sept 09, 2014
Amazon: Top Tech Bargains Under $25.00
With school expenses and holidays coming up, it may be hard to buy all of the tech gear that you want. At this point every dollar counts. So this week we review all of the best tech accessories that cost less than $25. This includes everyday gadgets that make your life easier such as cables, headphones, chargers, and more.

1. Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120

These headphones will give you a surprisingly good quality for the cost. They come in a variety of colors as well as the basic black. The price can be as low as $4 a pair, or you can buy $12 to get the Ergofit RP-TCM125 which adds a microphone for cellphones.

2. JVC Flats

The JVC Flats are the best quality headphones that you will find for under $20. They may look a little cheap, but they are lightweight comfortable on-ear headphones that give an amazing sound. A wonderful bargain for headphones that you won't regret.

3. SanDisk Cruzer Fit

The SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB drive is a very small USB nub that is similar to the transmitter for a wireless keyboard or mouse. If you want a quick and easy 16GB for under $10 or a 32GB for under $19 the SanDisk Cruzer is the way to go.

4. Lacie Petite Key USB drive

This USB drive is more expensive compared to other USB drives, but it's worth it for the metal design. This USB is said to be waterproof for up to 100 meters. The 16GB model will be about $15, and the 32Gb is about $30.

5. AmazonBasics HDMI cable

You should never pay more for name-brand HDMI cables. Instead of paying upwards of $50 at Best Buy for premium cables you can get your basic cables from Amazon. These cables work just as well and you get 2 for just $10.

6. AmazonBasics iPhone 5/5S Case

There are a ton of iPhone 5 and 5S cases available for purchase that includes a variety of designs. However, if you want a basic protector for your Apple phone, it would be hard to go wrong with AmazonBasics model for just $4 each.

7. Anker USB Car Charger

It's always good to have a charger in your car for when your smartphone or your tablet runs out of battery. You can use this affordable car charger that can charge two gadgets at once including a tablet. This excellent option for a charger will only cost you $12.

// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Five Tips To Make Sure Your iCloud Security Is At Its Best

Sept 09, 2014
In light in recent events relating to celebrity photo data theft, we thought it would be important to outline how to make sure your iCloud account security is at its best. This article is meant to empower people to make sure that their iCloud security and data is safe, and that you can never be a victim of data theft.

1. Use Strong Passwords

Apple has minimal requirements for passwords, but it would be smarter to make sure that your password goes beyond these requirements. You should make sure that your password is not something predictable and that you have a long password. Ideally you want to make sure that there is somewhere between 30-32 characters long, so that it is harder to crack by hackers.

2. Use a Password Manager

Using a password manager you can generate, save, and fill long unique passwords for every sit and service you use. Mac, iPad, and iPhones all have very good apps to choose from to help you manage your passwords. Some examples include 1Password or PasswordBox.

3. Avoid Security questions when you can

Although the purpose of security questions is to make it easy to recover passwords, they also make it easier for criminals hack accounts. If it's possible, avoid providing a security question whenever you can, and fill them with strong passwords when you cannot. If you fill with this with a strong password, such as: d02VZzS921)*. You can keep this in your password manager you will be able to maintain your security at all times.

4. Sign out of websites when you are done

Some websites store security tokens to make it easier for you to access them repeatedly during the same session. It's convenient for you, but it's also a way for someone to gain access to your computer. Logging out prevents someone whose sole purpose is to get your token so they can steal your online data later. Signing out ensures that this hole is closed, epically if you are using a public computer.

5. Play Safe

If you believe that you are a high value target for criminals, then you need to make sure that you take online security very seriously. However if you take reasonable precautions then you should be fine. Just be conscious of your data, as well as where and how you store it. Until Apple finds a way to improve security and security awareness, each person needs to take responsibility for their own online security.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

Top Security Apps For Every iOS User

Sept 09, 2014
With iOS security being a concern lately, we thought it would be important to review some apps that will help maintain data security. With these apps, your data and personal information will be secure and easy to access. Hopefully these apps can prevent you from any security or information loss!

1. 1Password

1Password may be one of the best security manager apps you can have. Although the cost is a little more than other password manager apps, it is definitely worth it for the guaranteed security you will have. This app is easy to use and can hold information about all important information in your life. You just have to remember one master password (we recommend a strong and lengthy password!) and you will have all of your information in one place.

2. Find my iPhone

A classic app to have on your phone in case your iPhone ever gets stolen or lost. If you have this app, you can use another iOS device with the app via iCloud and locate your missing device. You can also lock it remotely and hopefully, recover it. You can also erase all of your data if there is no change of finding your phone.

3. Password Manager

Password Manager is a free app that also acts as a password manager. This app securely stores important information that can auto log you into website with a single tap. You can also create folders for better organization and streamline the process of having multiple passwords.

4. SurfEasy VPN

This app protects your online privacy, unblocks websites, protects your security on Wi-Fi hotspots and encodes all of the data in your device. They manage their own Private Network 24/7 to make sure that you have a fast and reliable iOS experience. There are no complex settings that you have to configure.

5. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is an app that you can download and protect photos that you don't want others to see with a password lock. Just move your photos from your phone to this app and you can make sure that your photos are never seen by anyone buy you. There is also a feature called Decoy Password, which can be used if someone is watching you enter the passcode.

6. Wickr

This app is way for you to communicate with others without it being tracked by third parties or in-between servers. The messages through this app can be destroyed by the sender, instead of just the person who receives the messages).

7. VirusBarrier

This app allows for files to be securely opened on your iPhone and wills top viruses and malware from entering your phone. Viruses can cause damage or even pass to your computer. This app app has an on-demand scanner that you can validate, view, and save any email attachment on your device.
// [Author: Ingrid Tall]

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